Love Letter

IMG 7999 - Found you in the aroma Love Letter

Found you in the aroma

Summer has passed me by. Color starts fading and wind gets colder and colder, day and day, night and night. Autum...
IMG 7999 - In miracle Love Letter

In miracle

Not sure, but hot you are. rewinding memory beside you, till in there, still in pair. Time goes by I'm on your sight. ...
IMG 7999 - Sleepless night Love Letter

Sleepless night

Creeping in the dark to find you, it's just a sleepless night. Suffering from the phantom pain, it's just a nightmare...
IMG 7999 - Lines sweeter than kiss Love Letter

Lines sweeter than kiss

I am discovering something new about you everyday that wasn't expected in early days. Lines are always born in the un...