Found you in the aroma

Summer has passed me by. Color starts fading and wind gets colder and colder, day and day, night and night.


Autumn is looking for you, to make scenery more vivid in the dark town, as if it is trying to recover lost temperature.


Where can I find you in this world?


Would the world be brighter by your smile, oh yes it is. Everything has been found in somewhere, everything, everything but you.


I could come across the wine which is all about on what I felt you. Sweet, savory, a little bit fiddle and naughty, with last-note continuing so long as being surrounded by your smile that can’t make me stay sober any longer. I wish if I could have more skill set to tell you more than I thought from the bottom of my heart now.


Bitter aroma gives me a flashback with the flavor at the garden with you, that I am lacking in here.


You are the only one who can find it in my music that I will create from now on including feelings for good as literal, eternity I am believing in you.


With love.


いいね または フォローしてね!

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