Lines sweeter than kiss

I am discovering something new about you everyday that wasn’t expected in early days.

Lines are always born in the universe of the imaginations residing in our heart. Everything is all about your kiss sweeter than the ones I have ever had. the last one gave you a great imagination which makes me feel like lasting forever with the touching your heart that is like stroking your hairs, like still you in front of me.

Do you remember the day we spent in the sacred garden in hidden? It was fulfilled with wine and music that brought your voice to me even we were in the silence. No matter what you say or do, nothing could stop flowing of the joy.

Last night, I was crawling in the note of your perfume Which made me relaxed and enough for turning me around if I come across wherever I am in this world, on the time frame, I would look for you, then finally get me pulled back to the memory in the sacred garden. Wouldn’t it be nice? It’s like a academy award movie but the true story of us.

I miss you so much. If you could feel the same, try feeling the air surrounding you and listening into the silence tonight. I will be there if you could wish for me.

Would you mind staying along with the life? with the lines sweeter than kiss…

いいね または フォローしてね!

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