Do not exchange at the airport in China!

Exchange - Do not exchange at the airport in China! Trip

Exchange 198x300 - Do not exchange at the airport in China!

-English below Japanese-


  • 換金レートが高すぎる
  • アホみたいな手数料を取られる(1回60元)



なぜ、空港でこんな換金をしているのか、中国10年在住の同僚曰く一番の理由は海外からの客はビジネスでも観光でも歓迎していない国だから、だそうです。そして、これが最初の試練、だそうな。そして、Welcome to Chinaだそうです。


I never recommend to exchange currency at the airport in China, becasue of 2 reasons as below.

  • Rate is too poor
  • Exchange fee(60RMB per 1 exchange) is required

So I recommend to exchange approximately $20 into RBM at your local airport not to be ripped off. The best currency rate at China seems to be at bank in the town.

Why currency rate is so poor?

According to my colleague who has been living in Beijin for 10 years more, China never welcomes people from foreign countries regardless of its purpose, business or sightseeing. And this is the very first ‘examination’ in China:)

Have a nice stay in China!